Work and play

While I live in Newport, I work in Providence. I had moved to Newport before I started working up in Providence and I will handle the hour commute both ways to still live here. There is a sense of community that I have grown to appreciate over the years that quite frankly I am not willing to leave behind just to live closer to work.

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Thankfully Matt also works in Providence so we carpool most days. Actually pretty much every day, and during the ride, we jam out to music but also talk about our days. It is a great mental practice to talk with someone before work laying out your day and then regroup at the end of the day and see how it went. It helps me get over jitters before a rough day, and decompress after a bad day, but even better it means we discuss our days with each other before we even step in the house.
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There is a great separation between my work life and my personal life that I definitely do not take for granted. It is super difficult when I work with such cool people, but for me to not get way too wrapped up in things, I need a bit of distance. I do have great friends from work that I count as simply friends but they understand I may not be down to always hang out after work.

I think Providence is an amazing place to work, and slowly but surely I am taking the time to try new restaurants (there is always a new place opening up I feel), and finding new streets to walk down. If anyone has any recommendations feel free to let me know!






Moving Around

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As the apartment is quickly becoming filled with boxes and the weather continuously disagrees with our plans, the move is coming up quick. Don’t let this Paris post fool you though- we are staying in Newport! (I just don’t have any cute photos of anything right now. I’m living in my sweatpants and it’s a winter storm outside!)

We found a gorgeous apartment that fits every single one of our needs, and some. I can’t wait to start decorating it (all of that process will be shared here) but first comes the ACTUAL moving part.

I’ve moved a million times it feels like, but none have started as seamlessly as this. I have four tips for making a move smoother, because nothing I’m sure will make it more fun.

1.Plan Ahead

Always, always, always make a list. There is nothing more important than your moving list. It’s going to be long and tedious (and you have to make sure you don’t pack it up) but it is going to save your butt when your brain is fried and for some reason you’re still trying to do stuff. Make sure you jot down what you need to do to get these boxes out that door and on to the truck- no step is too small to note.

2. Make an overnight bag

I’ve definitely forgotten this a few times. You have to make sure all your clothes are packed by Tuesday night… but you’re not in the new place until Friday night? Remember to pack outfits through until next Wednesday! It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially if you aren’t taking time off work and need to look presentable. It’s the little things too- don’t pack up your laptop charge, and yes there will always be time to read a book so keep one unpack as well!

3. Backdate

The best plan for success is to backdate what needs to get done. If you’re moving Friday, what does your life need to look like Thursday night, Wednesday, Sunday? If you figure that out it is much easier, and more realistic, to set expectations for yourself packing and organizing. It’s a careful balance of being prepared, but you also don’t want to have everything packed for a full week before you move if you still have to live in that space!

4. Don’t forget the champagne!!

Matt and I have a tradition that we have to have a champagne toast the first night in the new apartment. Personally I love this tradition of ours. Moving is stressful, expensive, and frustrating so even if you’re sitting on the floor and drinking out of paper cups it’s important to take a moment and celebrate. A move is exciting and a new chapter to your life, enjoy the little moments even if they seem a bit overwhelming.

Well, this reminds me… I have to finish packing my kitchen up! It’s always the last room I pack, and I find it the hardest. I hate ordering take out as a necessity and not as something fun, and doing it a few nights in a row is a huge pet peeve, but sometimes that is better than being stressed about wrapping up dishes!

A Busy March

This month has just started and I am already planning my weekends into April. While this is a weird transitional month, March has always been a fun one. Newport has a huge parade for St. Patrick’s Day and I always make a classic corned beef dinner the night before and some hash in the morning. Friends come over and crash at our place and it’s all around a great time.

This year is going to be a little bit different though. We are looking to move the weekend after, I’m not going to say anymore because I don’t want to jinx a good thing before it’s signed, sealed, and delivered, BUT I do plan on being especially busy packing that weekend.

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Which is a bit of a personal bummer because I love the tradition, and it’s been harder and harder to get people together for weekend. We are definitely on the side of hard to get for others as well, so I can’t get too upset, but it seems like everyone’s life is moving at 70mph.

It seems like the spring has a lot of potential, but being in this weird in between stage, am I packing or am I not, and trying to keep up with traditions is hard. I need to loosen a bit of control I believe and see where it leads me.

Or I can just plan…better?

Polo at Polo


Somehow this winter is getting away from me. Winterfest in Newport somehow already started (and ended) but Matt and I had absolutely no clue until we were at the Bohdi Spa, and was wondering why it was so packed!

If you haven’t been to the Bohdi Spa already I highly recommend it. We did a couples massage for a belated Valentines Day, and added on the water journey. The premise is you cycle through different pools and saunas and the steam room, but it was so filled with other couples and a few groups of women that we couldn’t do it in the right order. I just felt so much more relaxed afterwards and it seemed like the type of “taking care of myself” that I could get behind once every few months.


But to the polo! The Saturday before this was super warm, and Sunday we were still riding that nice weather high that we went for a cruise, I can’t resist a good Sunday drive, and saw a bunch of people on the beach. We ended up going to investigate and stumbled upon a polo match!

It’s been my goal to get to one of these, and this summer I still need to make it to a few, but it was such a fun surprise! I wasn’t prepared for the weather and had to borrow Matt’s hat. A really nice cap to a beautiful weekend.