New Years Resolutions?

I love New Years resolutions. I know not everyone does and that’s fine, but they give me something clear to work towards all year. And let me just tell you I always stick to mine, even after the year ends. I think that’s partly because I make resolutions I want to keep not that I think I should keep.

Three years ago I made the resolution not to eat fast food, minus fast coffee. The minus fast coffee is key because I’m never giving up my Starbucks. But I also don’t feel like I need to give up Starbucks, but do I need Burger King? Apparently not because it’s been three years, and I feel great about it.

Last year was one of my favorite resolutions yet. It was to keep my personal glass full. As Matt called it “cup full season”. What that means is that throughout the year I find myself spreading myself thin or starting to get really stressed and I would take a step back and think about what I needed to do for myself right then to feel better. Sometimes that was going to bed early even if I didn’t finish something, other times that meant having a serious conversation with some people. It was probably my hardest resolution yet because it meant constantly being honest with myself and a lot more gut checks than I was used to. And let me tell you…it was my best year yet.

Usually by now I have my resolutions all lined up and am working on them, but I’m having a hard time. I keep thinking of things I want to do and large life milestones and decisions coming up but those aren’t what I want to focus on. I know I’ll knock those out of the park, but what can I work on improving every day?

I’m keeping my cup full season vibes into this year and giving myself some adjustment time back into daily life. I’ll keep you all updated once I know my resolution!

What is your resolution this year”

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