How I Prepare For The Next Week Every Weekend

I would say that I do tons more than five things every weekend, but honestly sometimes I only do these five and the rest is a blur of rotating pjs and books. The point is I without fail always do these five things to kickstart my week the best way I know.

1. Laundry.

I don’t mess with laundry during the week. We get home, have a snack, shower, put on pjs, make dinner and by the time that’s all done it’s 8:30pm and I’m not about to toss in a load. Plus the electricity is less expensive on the weekend. Sold. But I will not go into a week with a pile of dirty clothes, I refuse.

2. Make breakfast for the week.

Matt, my Fiancé, and I carpool together. It’s about an hour drive and we get to work about an hour before the rest of our teams, so I don’t want to waste that precious quiet time eating. I also am incredibly intentional about breakfast. I don’t like it during the week, but I know I have way better days if I eat something. So I make muffins or breads or whatever I know I’ll actually eat and package them up for easy grab and go during the week.

3. Plan what I want done during the week.

It may sound cheesy but I do plan out my personal week goals. We meal plan on Thursdays so during that time we go over what our actual plans are during the next week, but on Sunday I like to think about what I want to accomplish. With wedding planning starting to get full swing I’m imagining I’ll have a lot more wedding focused milestones. Sometimes it’s as simple as relax during a hard week.

4. Deep clean the apartment.

If we don’t clean everything over the weekend I just feel gross the whole next week. I’m pretty particular about having a super clean bathroom, but also the floors can quickly get away from us, and don’t get me started on our bedside water bottle collections. By starting the week with a spotless apartment, during the week I feel way less guilty if I leave something around the place, knowing it isn’t going to be there forever.

5. Make time for what I want to do.

It’s easy to run through a weekend and all of a sudden it’s Monday. I think there are few more frustrating things than thinking you did nothing you want over the weekend. I’m not saying all my weekends are beach or spa days, wouldn’t that be nice, sometimes what I want to do is run to the post office and finally buy more stamps because we never will go during the week. This doesn’t happen every weekend, sometimes I make way too long of a list, but every time we try.

How do you kickstart your week?

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