Preparing for the Christmas Rush

You know those memes where it’s like the second after Halloween everyone’s Christmas? Each year I become more and more like that damn meme.

And it’s not for a lack of loving Thanksgiving, it’s an amazing holiday and I’m so excited to host this year! But let me tell you, the decorations are not my style. As far as decorations go, I love seasonal decorations, but something about Christmas decorations really get me.

Unfortunately I’m a little lazy and hate the idea of full out decorating for two weeks, since we always leave for holiday travel half way through December. But there are little things that I can do that aren’t full out decorating that I can do. I’ve changed the air freshener scents, slowly started to add pine cones and getting rid of pumpkins, and of course buying Christmas treats!

And thank goodness I’m getting into the spirit early because there is so much to do. Christmas lists to make. A possible party to plan before we go. A bunch of shopping trips to do. Preparing for our travels. The list goes on and on! It’s all really fun things, but time-consuming none the least.

With only a few weeks to prepare for all of Christmas I try and take some time to do more fun things. Movies, cookies, and general cheer gets started early!

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