Five Ways I’m Adjusting For Winter

All of a sudden it’s winter. If feels that way every year I know, but this year it happened in less than a week. Like it went from 60 degrees to 30 degrees in a few days. With such a mild fall I wasn’t quite ready. That being said here are five things to do get in the right mindset for a long New England winter.

1. More outside time

This is a new thing I’ve been trying out and let me tell you, it’s been doing wonders. We go to work when the suns coming up and drive home in the dark. It quickly wears on you when every time you’re home it’s dark. Spending some weekend time relaxing outdoors really makes the work week less sad.

2. Meal adjustments

If you didn’t catch on I love soup and all fall foods. It’s really easy to fall into the “winter bod” mindset, and I find myself tempted by all treats in the spirit of the holiday season! I think it’s hard to completely ignore the impact the weather has on eating habits and so I put the extra efforts into changing comfort food favorites into healthier alternatives. When in doubt make a soup.

3. Moisturize

Every year I get a little bit better at this. Not great but better. I already have very dry skin, and spot treatments make it worse so this is crucial. I’m currently on a hunt for a thicker daily moisturizer that won’t break me out. But besides facial skin it’s crucial not to forget the lips and rest of the body! I loved the St. Ives spray lotion last year because I really just don’t have the patience for anything else, probably will be picking up a few more bottles this year.

4. Make plans

This is crucial to have things to look forward to. Thankfully that’s not that hard right now with the holiday season. We have every weekend booked until the new year. To me that’s insane, but it’s already flying by. The key thing is to keep things going well into the new year when things slow down and are just cold. I’ve been brainstorming ideas of things to do on crappy weather days in the early months of next year that don’t cost a lot of money. (I think January until summer is a great time to save money before the summer.)

5. Stay healthy

Already three bouts of sickness have gone through my office and they just keep coming. Actually, as I write this I’m sucking on a vitamin c cough drop thing. For me, it’s important to drinks lots of water, get enough sleep, eat well-rounded meals, and above all else listen to my body. Feeling unwell? Quickly adjust accordingly, it’s a slippery slope pretending you’re fine and not trying to get better. Also get your flu shot!

Anyone else have tricks for dealing with the winter?

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