Forest Bathing And Why I’m Obsessed

I actually started writing this post and my IPad completely deleted it, which is probably great for all of you because I was starting to ramble, but I am back at the beginning because I really have to share how great forest bathing is.

This fall, once all the ticks were dead (not really but that’s what I tell myself, don’t worry we do full checks), the Fiancé and I started making a very pointed effort in finding a new woods or forest every Saturday and forest bathing.

Forest Bathing is a Japanese practice of going to a forest and taking a leisurely walk. It’s supposedly great for everything and it has such a calming premise, so sign me up.

It’s a fun way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon. I can’t say enough good things. Honestly, it can be considered just taking a hike, but we take a very mindful approach to enjoy nature and make a really fun time out of it without lots of pressure of going a certain distance or place. I think the biggest difference for me when calling it a hike or forest bathing is the intent behind it. Even if it was a short walk if I felt calmer and spent the whole time really just being in the moment and deep breathing then I felt more fulfilled.

Fall in New England this year has been sad for leaf peepers, but it still smells like fall and I love it. We’ve made a point to go to different places each week trying to hunt and find the best leaves in the area but you can just go to a place next door. Whatever helps you take some time out of the day and just breathe and enjoy the moment as it is, I think it’s worth it.

Each week we’ve actually forgotten our camera (me) and binoculars (Fiancé) which just goes to show how great of a time we’re having just enjoying it. (Usually, I find any excuse to break out the camera!) Hopefully we’re going to get some more Saturday trips in before the outside gets too cold and hurts our faces, but with our line up until Christmas, I’m not sure how many days we have left before we’re walking with huge scarves and hats!

Anyone else love forest bathing?

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