What I’m Eating: Soups!

I’m not a huge fan of the question, “what’s your favorite food” even though I do find myself asking it. I like to mix it up with a more realistic question like, “what would be your birthday/last meal” because I think that’s easier to answer. For me it’s steak frites everyday all day, but that doesn’t mean it’s my favorite type of food or that I would actually eat that all the time. Honestly if I tried I would probably die.

Another question I like to ask is, “what is your favorite food group” because I think that’s easier to narrow down. People usually laugh but mine is sauces. Oh man I love them. If you peeped into our fridge right now (would take a photo but it’s messy) you would see the disturbing amount of sauces, but more specifically the stuff to make sauces because I love to mess around with flavors. But a meal sauce does not make, so I spread that love to dips. Dips are like sauces that people pretend are okay enough to eat as a snack just because they’re a little thicker. And that train of thought got me thinking that soups are just sauces that are tasty enough you don’t need anything else!

Yet if I walk down the soup aisle at most grocery stores I just go….eh. I’m not a fan of canned soups, they just do nothing for me. I don’t like tomato soup and all those soups with meats in them kind of freak me out if we’re being honest. So for most of my time I’ve wished that I’ve loved soups more, but haven’t. Of course that’s changed once I started making my own.

I was joking around with my Fiancé a couple weeks ago when my stomach started acting up, I have a very nonreliable stomach and really cater to it so it doesn’t get worse, and I said babe what if we just ate soup for a week. We meal plan weekly and I was trying to think of somethings that didn’t hurt my stomach and I kept coming up all soup. Thankfully he agreeded to my aggressive request and we mapped out a week of soups.

And let me tell you- it’s hard to think of seven soups. Especially when you’re not doing any creamy or cheese ones.

The way to my Fiancé heart is through ramen, this I’ve been aware of since before we started dating, and now I can make a somewhat fancy one. Since we had some leftover thickcut odds and ends bacon from the weekend we cooked that up and tossed in it our miso and ginger broth from Trader Joe’s. Since that’s such a delicate flavor we left it fairly well alone.

Another favorite is a three bean chili. I have no clue why we call it that, it’s two beans, but that just doesn’t sound fancy enough. If you happen to notice that in all three soups (wonton hot and sour being the header image) we reaaaaallly love scallions. Something else we love is scallion pancakes. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed.

Why I haven’t shared food photos besides food out is because we eat a later dinner and with it getting dark out by the time we get home the lighting is just not right. I really should be better at photographing it but I usually send a snap to my friends of what we’re eating (I don’t know why but no ones complained so I’ll keep doing it) and taking a real phone camera photo is my last thought. Hence why there are only three soups not the 14ish we’ve eaten (it’s soup season).

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