What I’m Trying: The Ordinarys

A few months ago I went to go get a facial because my skin was out of control and the woman doing the facial and I started chatting and she asked me, “what do you do to exfoliate?”. I thought I was finally on top of these questions and proudly declared how I use my Clarisonic daily and a scrub in the shower. Now let me tell you, I always feel like I never have the right answers for the skincare people because well if I did wouldn’t my skin be fine, and this time I really thought I had the right answer.

She just stared at me and went, that’s all? You don’t do some sort of chemical exfoliation weekly?

I had heard of chemical exfoliation, I mean I do read every single beauty blog I can find, but I never really thought it could help me. So I made a mental note of that and for the past few months I researched and tried to find crowd pleasers that wouldn’t break the bank, and that’s how I found The Ordinarys.

I spend a looooooooooooooong time trying to figure out which ones to buy, and I was so nervous to try them. I love the packaging, and I love how they don’t have cutsie names, but aren’t they a little bit intimidating? Like the internet was going to trust me to put something with the word acid in it on my face….alone…?

I was pretty nervous the first time I used them all, but they didn’t really sting and my face is still here so that’s a plus.

I am still in the trying stage of them, but it’s currently a “worse before it gets better” kind of area. Like. Really worse. Like wow bad. I scheduled another facial because it was getting so out of hand (disclaimer: I have been unbelievably stressed lately and I don’t believe the full blame is on these at all). As I was chatting with the facialist I explained what I was using and how I was nervous that maybe it would never get better and I just didn’t work with my skin (my constant fear when trying new products).

Thankfully she explained how it peels back the layers and that the purge is the worst part and it should over all get way way better. So here’s to hoping!

Side note, they definitely dry out your skin so I’ve been using a Vitamin C serum from Mario and a cream she gave me to help rehydrate and I think that might have been half of the issue. I’ll keep this updated as I continue giving these a shot!

Has anyone tried The Ordinaries before? Thoughts?

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