Fall Wardrobe Staples 

I’ll be the first to admit it, I’m the worst person to shop with. I waffle on things like crazy, and I always need to go back to a store a least three times before I buy anything. I just hate the idea of spending money on something and not loving it. What’s the point?

This past year and a half I’ve really taken a few steps back and really thought about what clothes do I actually reach for in the morning? What outfits make me feel good verse what do I think looks good on other people? I used to be so nervous about wearing something different, even if I felt good in it, that I would just wear it around the house and never out. Now I only consider if it’s appropriate for the situations, not what people would think!

A big step in that is figuring out what I actually like and what I want to wear. Honestly, Pinterest was a huge help with this. If you go to my clothing board it’s like the same ten outfits all different ways. From there I was like wow I have these things, and just started styling them more confidently. After that, I took note of what I wear a lot of and what I needed more of them.

I happen to be the same size since oh I don’t know, probably high school, so I have a good amount of classic pieces already. What I’ve been doing each season now is just adding a few pieces (and a lot of shoes, but more on that in another post) and refreshing my wardrobe. But man, the idea of buying a few things at once really gets me, I’ll pace around the apartment going “Oh I don’t know do I really need this, do I deserve this” for about a week or until the last few hours of a sale (I pretty much only buy things on sale/promotion) and then putting in the order last minute.

This fall what I needed to add was more plain sweaters. I live in classic crewneck sweaters and needed a few more colors, so when the right sales came along I picked up a few cashmere ones as well as a few cotton/wool blend ones. Best decision ever.

I find myself wearing a sweater, a button down, or a long sleeved shirt most days either at work or at home. While I’m not really into prints for shirts or sweaters, this past spring I became obsessed with little scarfs. This is something that for sure got some comments from other people, but who cares I love them. So I picked up two funky prints for this fall/winter and I’m in love.

With a few black, white, grey, button downs or long sleeve shirts and these sweaters and scarfs, I am all set until it’s time for holiday clothes.

Besides my new love for shoes, I’ve always had a love for all things socks. Boot socks, knee socks, over the knee socks, fuzzy socks, you name them, I have them. So how could I resist the classic camp socks (in every color they had)? These I’ll be rocking until about March, and are probably my best purchase yet!

What are your wardrobe staples?

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