Dreary days and donuts

You would think that with more overcast days there would be more blog posts from me, but alas I’ve been super lazy and any free moment I’ve curled up with a good book. I always have the intention to write out what we’ve been up to here but the weeks have been flying by!

I feel that ever since Paris we’ve been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. And I guess we have been to some degree, but on the weekends I always try and make sure we have something just straight up fun planned, no matter how little.

Last fall we were caught up with debating moving (we didn’t) and god knows what else but we didn’t check ANYTHING off our fun fall list. This year I’ve been adamant that we at least attempt to do some of them. And while we haven’t gone apple picking or carved pumpkins we’ve made a mark on the fall foods.

I live for apple cider donuts. I’m really not a donut person but something about apple cider donuts just really hits me in all the right spots. I used to get them growing up from Cold Hollow in Stowe, Vermont, and thought when I moved to Rhode Island I wouldn’t be able to find a donut that fills that void. Boy was I wrong.

The Hard-Pressed Cider Company on Jamestown in Rhode Island is a new favorite in the NixonBerry household. So much so that we’ve been there twice this fall already! It’s the little things that have really kept us sane with both our work stress and impending holiday stress, and if that little thing comes in the shape of a donut on a beautiful island count me in.

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