Favorite skincare: Mario Badescu

If you opened my medicine cabinet you would be convinced I had some sort of deal with Mario Badescu, it’s almost embarrassing. Unfortunately it’s a one way love affair, but man do I love them.

As someone with not great skin, I used to spend massive amounts of money on skincare things that I read about online. These raved about products were never the holy grail, and honestly went half used in my drawer and stayed there until it was a seasonal clean out or I just couldn’t stand to look at the waste of money anymore.

Now this doesn’t mean I still don’t do that (I can’t stop) but it does mean I don’t do it as often. I’ve learned the power of a good routine, and of a good brand. The fear with trying new products for me is always “will this actually make my skin get worse”. Which may seem silly to anyone reading this with perfect skin, but let me tell you it has happened many many times.

Enter Mario Badescu. Like most skincare products I try, I started with the acne trial pack. If you’re looking to try a new line I really recommend trying the trial size packs. I do it for everything- skincare, hair care, makeup. If only I had endless money and storage for all these products maybe I wouldn’t but I find that these trial packs are usually a great deal and let me try them the way they reccomend, with the whole collection of products. After I buy in when I finish the trial pack, which doesn’t happen often, then that is when I start looking at individual products.

(This actually came from one of my sets but it’s a lot of serum!)

Serums really make me feel like an adult. It might be the fancy looking dropper, or just the name, either way I love them. More specifically I love this one. If I’m being honest I’m still not quite sure what they’re supposed to do, or which I should be using, but this one smells great and helps lighten my dark spots on my face. When I was in Africa I only wanted to pack a few skincare things, I was already packing a lot, and this made the list. It hydrates enough that I didn’t feel like I had to be adding a million layers of lotion every hour!

I love this. It’s true love, I’m sure of it. When I was getting a facial probably six months ago now they reccomended I grab this. It drys out deep spots better than most things I’ve tried, without being TOO drying on my face. While it’s still more drying than I would like, I accept that it’s part of it’s job. 10/10 will be picking up another when this runs out.

Compared to the other products I’ve listed this is relatively new, and I’m already recommending it. I’ve read about it for a long time but for some reason wasn’t sold. Boy was I wrong for waiting. This spot treatment may make you look a little silly for the night but it has really helped even just over one night!

Any skincare products you like from Mario Badescu not listed? Let me know!

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