Paris trip: Montmartre 

We’ve only been back for less than a week but this trip already is starting to feel so far away. Maybe it’s because so much happened on the trip or maybe it’s because we were really thrown back into a busy work half week and an even busier time at home. Whatever reason, I’m enjoying taking some time to sit back and reflect on the trip in a series of blog posts. I wasn’t quite sure what was the best way to approach this trip because even though it was just a few days, so much happened. I can always think of more things I wish we saw, and mostly more food I wish we had time to eat, but we really saw so much. So I decided to break up this trip by neighborhoods we visited. We were always crossing back and forth across the entire city, but each neighborhood has such a unique feel to it, I wish we could have spent more time in each.

If you follow me on Instagram (@theminimalnix) then you’ve already seen a lot of these photos. But how could I not share?! If you can believe it, about three minutes before this photo was taken it was raining. Like really raining. Like bought umbrellas raining.  But that’s a great part about this trip- we thought it was going to be raining all day everyday, and while it rained a bit each day, that was it. We only got stuck in a downpour once and honestly I didn’t mind.

The day we visited Montmartre was the day my parents were visiting. It was honestly the best day ever, which sounds super cheesy but I felt it then and I feel it now. We had such a blast with tons of laughs and I wish I could go back to this day right now.

(Little did I realize that I would be across the city at the Eiffel Tower getting engaged in a few short hours!)

While Matt was a bit preoccupied before the trip (I don’t blame him now that I know what he was planning) we still spent a while pouring over “best of Paris” lists trying to make sure we attempt to hit everything we should. I had gone with my whole family at Christmas and I had heard that Sacre Coeur was the best view in Paris. Not one to miss out on great views, this was high on my list. And when we rolled up in our Uber to this Basilica we were not disappointed!

It was an amazing view even in the rain, and I had no clue that we could actually climb to the top of the dome. Once again, always in it for the view Matt and I decided to go to the top, with some prompting from my Dad. I thought I was going to die on the way up, and not just because I am out of shape and have super bad asthma, but because of my fear of hights and small spaces! Once we got to the top it was easy to see it was well worth it, but I did need a bit to pull myself together.

After we ran back down, and I mean RAN, my parents Matt and I decided to grab a light lunch. And we really meant to grab a light lunch but we walked past this tiny very French restaurant and my mom couldn’t resist. Thank god she couldn’t because this was Matts favorite meal of the whole trip!

I could not resist foie gras any time it was on the menu, and we both tried escargot for the first time. Everything was amazing. I dream about this mean. It was simple but well done, with an amazing view, and it was just genuinely a fun time!

After lunch we went back to the hotel for a little rest, which we did a fair amount this trip. I’m super glad we did because we were so go-go-go the whole time that an hour or two to wash my face and lay down was much appreciated.

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