My favorite Glossier skincare

Something you’ll learn quickly is I’m obsessed with all skincare products. But I get really nervous adding new things into my routine in case it makes my skin even worse. I usually spend weeks researching the problem I’m having and read a million reviews then MAYBE buy the best rated.

Glossier was on my radar forever thanks to their killer branding and social media, but my skin doesn’t care how many “likes” a product has it cares if it works.

I finally took the plunge when my esthetician told me I needed a milk cleanser and I knew immediately I wanted to get the Glossier one. At the same time I needed a lighter moisturizer so I went all in and got both, and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

The milk jelly cleanser is perfect for using with my Clarisonic as a first wash before a more acne focused cleanser. I use it twice a day and it doesn’t dry out my skin and smells good too! I’m already half way through the bottle and looking at Glossier to see what else I want when I order my next bottle.

I hate moisturizer. I really, really do. As someone who deals with acne prone skin I used to believe it would make it worse, which I know is the furthest from the truth. This moisturizer is slowly getting me over that fear. It’s light, doesn’t have a smell, and hasn’t bothered just helped my skin!

After these two quickly went from testing out to daily needs I’m excited to try everything Glossier has.

Want to try some yourself? Click here for 10% off!

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