Love is sweet

This past Saturday Matt and I had the luck to go and watch his best friend since childhood get married. This couple truly is by far our favorite couple to hang out with. They are kind, funny, and always down for activities. They’ve helped us move numerous times, and they have always been there for birthdays, friendsgivings, and everything in between. So watching them say their vows and have their first dance was a very happy moment for everyone.

Friends at wedding
Matt was the best man and absolutely crushed his speech. (I had heard it quite a few times but found myself tearing up at the ceremony.) While I was the declared donut meister. Since neither of them were huge cake fans, but both loved donuts, instead of having a wedding cake they had a donut wedding cake. It was quirky and fun and great for crowds. But I was a little intimidated if I’m being honest. I couldn’t even imagine what 14 dozen donuts, larger than regular donuts, looked like. It was also an August wedding so I was worried the frosting was going to melt everywhere before they cut the donut.

So the first thing I did was go to Pinterest. That website saves me more than anyone can imagine. Instead of lots of cake tiers, I decided to do something completely different. Donut trees. Sounds crazy? I think maybe because it is a little bit. I showed up the morning of the wedding with my plastic wrapped styrofoam cones and all the donuts and got to work in the corner. Thankfully it went off without a hitch and the bride and groom seemed to love it!

Each of the trees consists of three dozen donuts, and the single cake tier is holding two dozen. As I was finishing up someone walked by and said, “Oh wow that doesn’t look like too many donuts at all!” And as someone who had this daunting number in their mind for a while, I was shocked until I took a step back and realized that it really doesn’t!

Donut wedding cake
It really was a happy ending for everyone involved, I’ve never been to a wedding that seemed to go off so seamlessly.

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