Work and play

While I live in Newport, I work in Providence. I had moved to Newport before I started working up in Providence and I will handle the hour commute both ways to still live here. There is a sense of community that I have grown to appreciate over the years that quite frankly I am not willing to leave behind just to live closer to work.

image3 (4)

Thankfully Matt also works in Providence so we carpool most days. Actually pretty much every day, and during the ride, we jam out to music but also talk about our days. It is a great mental practice to talk with someone before work laying out your day and then regroup at the end of the day and see how it went. It helps me get over jitters before a rough day, and decompress after a bad day, but even better it means we discuss our days with each other before we even step in the house.
image2 (7).JPG

There is a great separation between my work life and my personal life that I definitely do not take for granted. It is super difficult when I work with such cool people, but for me to not get way too wrapped up in things, I need a bit of distance. I do have great friends from work that I count as simply friends but they understand I may not be down to always hang out after work.

I think Providence is an amazing place to work, and slowly but surely I am taking the time to try new restaurants (there is always a new place opening up I feel), and finding new streets to walk down. If anyone has any recommendations feel free to let me know!






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