‘Cause I’m movin’ in

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As I write this I have the Billy Joel song Movin’ Out stuck in my head…even though this is about moving in. Whatever. It’s been a while since we moved but we still have rooms far from done. We moved into the dream apartment mid-March but it didn’t really feel real until probably halfway through April when we hosted Easter.

While moving in is always an exciting whirlwind of new decorations and figuring out new routines, moving out of an old place can be incredibly tricky. We ran into a lot of problems with our older landlord that really make me want to take this moment to remind people to always, always, always take photos and keep them before you move in somewhere and new ones before you turn over your keys at the end. Thankfully it ended up being okay, but it was more arguing than we were expecting.

It can be hard to be comfortable knowing your rights as a renter, and even harder to be comfortable speaking up when you know something is not right, but if you don’t who will for you?

All that aside, once we moved in the first room I wanted to get to a certain level of done was the bedroom. In the past few apartments the bedroom area hadn’t quite been exactly what I wanted, but finally we get our perfect room!

I am in love with all things minimalistic (are you surprised?) and a mostly white bedroom with plant accents has been my dream for years. Finally we have the hardwood floors and open space to make that dream a reality!

Decorating spaces is one of my favorite past times I have learned over the past few years. It has been a great experience learning how to meld Matts more bohemian decorating style with my minimalistic style, and yet still end up with a place that doesn’t feel like a style jigsaw puzzle.

We’re still looking for new accent pieces everyday, trying to focus on finding a few pieces we love instead of tons of pieces just to take up space. If you have any suggestions of great places to look leave them in the comments!

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