Boys Club

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Newport in the spring is a tricky thing. More shops start opening up, restaurants start doing patio service, but you never know how the weather is going to behave. This spring was a cold one for sure, and quite frankly I was so over wearing anything I owned. Where I work they keep it so unbelievably cold that even in the summer I find myself reaching for a sweater, let alone a damp spring.

With all my spring clothes made for, ahem, warmer temperatures (when will I learn that I live in New England and spring is just muddy and wet?), I started reaching towards Matts side of the closet.

This oversized jacket is from Gap and I am in love with it. Its neutral tone matches so many fun tops, and the oversized aspect of it helps me play with proportions without overdoing it.

Walking down by the water this outfit was a perfect match. But I don’t recommend sitting on the fence like I did. Let’s just say I was less than graceful to get down.

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