Winter is coming?

I’ve lived in New England for 15 years now (wow that’s pretty gross) and I’m still always surprised when we get a March snow storm. Thank god this snow is nothing scary, but in my mind I was already planning out my beach days- so this is a shock.

But exciting news! We are officially moving! Matthew and I signed our new lease last night and are so incredibly excited to start this next chapter. It’s the first place with more than one room and it’s absolutely stunning. I wasn’t sure if we even stood a chance to get it, there was a lot of competition, but the papers are signed and we are set to move…in a WEEK.

This is when the panic sets in. There are no boxes in our apartment, nothing is even looking like its moving anytime soon, and we have to set up movers. This weekend is the St. Patricks Day parade in Newport which is a huge event, but we’re going to be warm inside with tons and tons of boxes.

Last weekend we went out for a bit as a calm before the storm and it was absolutely freezing. I am pretty resilient when it comes to wind and cold weather as long as the sun is out but we barely lasted longer than these photos. I actually sprinted back to the car. Whoops.

image1 (2).JPG

image2 (2).JPG

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