Polo at Polo


Somehow this winter is getting away from me. Winterfest in Newport somehow already started (and ended) but Matt and I had absolutely no clue until we were at the Bohdi Spa, and was wondering why it was so packed!

If you haven’t been to the Bohdi Spa already I highly recommend it. We did a couples massage for a belated Valentines Day, and added on the water journey. The premise is you cycle through different pools and saunas and the steam room, but it was so filled with other couples and a few groups of women that we couldn’t do it in the right order. I just felt so much more relaxed afterwards and it seemed like the type of “taking care of myself” that I could get behind once every few months.


But to the polo! The Saturday before this was super warm, and Sunday we were still riding that nice weather high that we went for a cruise, I can’t resist a good Sunday drive, and saw a bunch of people on the beach. We ended up going to investigate and stumbled upon a polo match!

It’s been my goal to get to one of these, and this summer I still need to make it to a few, but it was such a fun surprise! I wasn’t prepared for the weather and had to borrow Matt’s hat. A really nice cap to a beautiful weekend.

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