Sunday Strolls


I love the ritual of picking out outfits for work. What meetings do I have that day? Do I have to wear flats because I will be walking across the city? Is the office hot or cold? (Plot twist: It’s always cold.)

That being said on the weekends I try and dress down. While I wear a lot of the similar clothes, whoops, I try to stick to neutrals and comfy sweaters in the winter. Practical yet cute.

This Sunday we wanted to embrace the sunshine, but it was just a bit too cold for any real adventuring.

I’ve had this turtleneck forever. I actually think I took this sweater from my older sister. The jeans are banana republic, which I love. I’m 5’6 and I need to buy the ankle cut for them to not be cuffed- word to the wise. These shoes are target! I have a thing for black flats and I wear them down quick. So buying smart is always really important because by the time I get attached they start to get holes and need to be replaced.

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